Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Eating Pretty on Inventive Tablescaping

Most of us get very stressed during the holidays because we are either competing with ourselves to do better than last year, trying to mimic what's in the pages of all the glossy magazines or just trying to create a beautiful space for your loved ones with all the other things you have to do

I can take away some of that helping you learn how to create beautiful centerpieces and table runners that are easy to make and cost effective.  Cost effective meaning you are not spending an arm and a leg to create it.  The only drawback is that it might not be Macy's quality and won't last longer than perhaps the holiday itself, but it will be your creation and your rendition of beauty in your space.

Table runners, placemats and simple centerpieces are not hard in and of themselves to make, but thinking outside the box when making them is a bit of a challenge.  I have listed below a few options for making them that are not normally thought about...."out the box," variety.  They may not be very practical but if you're using them for one day, it might not matter that much.

During these holidays we tend to create traditions that last each year so out comes the same table runner, placemats, etc. from last year.  Nothing wrong with that----really cost efficient but it can be dull and boring.  Let's use the following ideas to whip that table into shape creatively.

1.  Certain fabrics have not normally been used to create a tablescape either because they are too flimsy, not best for placing things on or don't look that great.  However, there are some fabrics we might want to reconsider such as knits or jersey.  Even though they are not practical, they can be beautiful.  You can also think about using fabrics that have low care such as a lame, a silk polyester, burlap or organza to wrap around a centerpiece.

2.  Reuse old items by giving them new life such as jars that can be spray painted in beautiful colors or you can be imaginative and get inspired to use jars and other glass items in inventive ways.  Click on my link to get more ideas.

3.  You can scour the resale shops to find vintage fabrics and use them to create a table cloth/table runner using a no-sew method (making hems with hem tape) and adding dimension by gluing on objects such as fake flowers, fabric flowers and/or paper flowers.  You can embellish with beads, old buttons and jewelry, etc.  Your imagination is the only limit.

4.  Try using nature.  Painting sticks or twigs, bringing in leaves and shrubbery and using paint, glitter, etc. to glam it up or keep them simple, fresh and clean.  Doesn't cost you a dime.  I pick up sticks in my neighborhood all the time to paint and use to decorate with.  You can come up with some ingenious ideas of how to paint, and how to embellish as you begin this process.  Click here to see some ideas.  And follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  I love new followers and I love sharing......

5.  Finally, you can actually take a old table runner and/or table cloth and spruce it up by adding new elements, deconstructing and changing the fabric or adding new fabric.  You can create new versions for every holiday.  And sense your are reusing items instead of purchasing new, you're saving money and yourself a headache.  Happy crafting!!

In the future, I will be creating more videos of how to make these no-sew items.  In the meantime, get those creative juices flowing by clickin on my Pinterest links to tablescaping ideas to learn more.....and Happy Up and Coming Holidays to ya.  Live life beautifully by being
"artistically focused and life beautiful."