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The 12 Ways of a Godly Wife

The 12 Ways of a Godly Wife Want to know how to make your marriage rock?  Read below and follow......and click on the link above to get even more information about being a Godly Wife. For the good life:   Be always artistically focused and life beautiful.....

A List of Charitable Organizations

No one can tell you or should tell you who to donate to or give to, however, incase you need inspiration or ideas, this is a list I use. My desire is to influence you to do good to whomever you believe God through prayer is leading you to or His Holy spirit is leading you to give to. This is definitely not an exhaustive list or meant to exclude anyone or any organization. It is just a beginning thought of who you might want to think about giving to. To be fair, make up your own list. We just need to continue to give, I believe, to those organizations, and charities and especially to the household of faith, as God requires. I also give to those who attempt to do the most good for everyone or those whom I get sound advice, teaching and understanding from. Happy giving and enjoy! For God LOVES a cheerful giver.  To God be the Glory as His Kingdom comes!!   Deuteronomy 15:10 Verse Concepts You shall generously give to him, and your heart shall not be grieved when you give to him, b

ATTENTION, ATTENTION! I'm Breaking All the Rules

Yep I know, if you have a blog you should at least write in it once a week or so not a year later.  Well at least there's no blog police or I'd be in big least I don't think so (she says this as you looks over her shoulders)....I have plenty of excuses:  I didn't have anything to write about; too busy.....okay not cool but I'm sticking with it. Anyhoo, I have some good news.  I'm now teaching Dabble  classes.  What is Dabble you say?  Just the coolest webspace around.  Dabble allows you to create classes that you're good at, love and would like to share with others.  I'm a teacher at heart and always will be but I wanted to change the direction of my teaching and I think I've landed on a good one Houston....LOL. Thank you to those who have been waiting forever for content, and for those of you who have long forgotten me, shame on you....well, no, I think it's my writing and no marketing. These things take ti

Business Help for Myself.....Learning through others

Starting a business and branching out on your own is a phenomenal task at best so getting help and information to take you in the direction you wish to go in is necessary. This is a gem I found from Lisa organizer and planner for the creative business. Listen to her and her Productivity Workbook to help you assess and determine what you need to do to move forward in your business....Also check out my Pinterest links relating to business. Please share and learn.

Boredom is Just An Excuse for Not Living!

It is difficult to find activities for kids when money is low and you have more than one child.  But thank God Chicago has a myriad of opportunities for kid-friendly fun and learning.  All one has to do is do a little research and you can find tons of free or inexpensive things to do. Today I am posting links of websites to look up and places to go that will help any parent find something for their children to do. Magazine online is a great beginning.  I used it a lot when my children were smaller and for my students when I had to take them on 2 field trips a month. You can also pick up the actual magazine through any library in the city.  Chicago Children's Museum has an exhibit called Danger 101.  Kids get to unleash their Daredevil and to be adventurous.  Most of the museums cost money to attend but they also have free days.  Here's a list. Tweet ADLER PLANETARIUM Free general admission for Illinois residents on these upcoming  2014 dates :

Small Things Can Make a Big Difference

Who doesn't believe they know how to boil an egg?  I would raise my hand on this one but sometimes even the simple small things might need to be practiced better.  With that in mind, I leave you this article from Paula Deen on how to boil the perfect egg.  Enjoy and learn something new.

Learning Something New -- Mimi G Style Lesson 1: Sewing Basics

"She makes coverings for herself; her clothing is fine linen and purple."  Proverbs 31:22 Yes, the Proverbs 31 woman could obviously sew.  Doesn't mean you Have to learn to sew but I like it and if you do, here are some beginning lessons to get you started. Learning to teach yourself to sew is a gargantuan task.  I know, because I'm one of those people.  Well, technically I didn't really teach myself all by myself.  I've had a few classes but to increase those skills has been a challenge but I'm loving it.  Using Youtube videos and patterns helps tremendously. But to save you some of the time and mistakes I've made, I'm sharing with you someone who I feel is an awesome teacher.  She's awesome to me because she's transparent, honest and willing to share. I hope you enjoy and learn something yourself. Happy sewing and becoming.......